More than just a driving agency.

November 10th, 2022

Whether you are a driver looking for a driving agency job, or a haulage company looking for agency drivers, we are here for you. However, don’t judge the book by its cover. We are so much more than just a driver recruiter and supplier.

If you are looking for a driver agency that goes the extra mile for both drivers and customers, this is how passionate we are and how we make a difference:

We recruit and supply quality drivers

We go the extra mile for our customers and supply them with quality drivers and peace of mind. How do we achieve that? By running all the relevant checks like DVLA checks and references to get that load off your mind. This helps us find the best possible match for your required job.

When it comes to recruitment, we like to meet our drivers face to face. It’s good to meet our potential drivers in person to see who we would be working with. The drivers also have the chance to meet the office team. Meeting face-to-face also creates connection, establishes trust and improves future communication. It helps us maintain our credibility in hiring the right candidate for a job.

We support road heroes

We are more than just a driving agency. NN1 Personnel has always looked for ways to go above and beyond and support our drivers, HGV drivers in general, and the local logistics sector. We have a good understanding of our industry and regularly adapt to changes. This is how passionate we are and how we make a difference:

  1. National HGV Drivers Day. We registered January 22nd as National HGV Drivers Day as a response to the driver shortage. This day is to celebrate HGV drivers’ contribution to the economy and everyone’s daily life, especially after the pandemic. We hope it’ll help the next generation to view driving as a valid career option.
  2. Christmas Act of Kindness. We started the Christmas Act of Kindness. Together with our drivers, friends and supporters, every year on Christmas Day, we visit local truckstops and lay bays to deliver parcels with treats to the HGV drivers spending Christmas in their lorries. This act of kindness cheers them up on Christmas Day and shows them our appreciation and support. We set up a GoFundMe page and use the money to buy fruits, drinks, sandwiches, coffee, nuts, crisps etc. and organise them in small parcels for each driver. Our team even baked some cakes. This event is a fantastic opportunity to show kindness and support our community. We get more and more support and positive feedback every year. One of the foreign drivers felt so grateful that he left us a 5-star review on Google before we even managed to distribute all our parcels! We managed to translate it: ” Thank you for the gift. Huge pleasure. I am from Ukraine. All days we are so far away from home, and you didn’t forget about us. Thank you!!!” It made us feel very grateful too, and it strengthened our belief that we did the right thing. This year we are planning to make this event bigger and better, so watch the space.
  3. Drivers’ mental health. We ran a Drivers Mental Health and Well-being campaign raising awareness of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress among HGV drivers. For the purpose of the campaign, we created a poster containing details of organisations they could turn to for help if they were experiencing mental health issues. We try to support drivers in any possible way and have been distributing the poster to all our current and potential clients to display it somewhere for all the drivers and other employees to see.
  4. The Driver of the Month. We have introduced a Driver of the Month incentive for all our drivers. Each month we try to reward a driver for their passion or hard work with a gift voucher. This is to show them our support and appreciation for their commitment and sacrifice. This way we also try to encourage safe and professional behaviour on the road and amongst fellow drivers.
Christmas Act Of Kindness

We support the logistics sector

NN1 Personnel established Northampton Transport Conference to raise awareness of issues affecting HGV drivers and transport companies. We ran our first event in June 2019, and it was a huge success. It was something new for us, and we found the whole conference experience amazing. It also helped us realise that events like this are needed in Northamptonshire. So far we have organised three transport conferences.

The Northampton Transport Conference allows transport managers and business owners to network and form relationships in the industry, as well as learn from guest speakers. An event like this covers all transport-related subjects, so it is a well-informative conference not to be missed.

Northampton Transport Conference 2022

We get recognised

Last but not least, we are an award-winning agency! We are extremely proud to have won three Northamptonshire Logistics Awards in Logistics Temporary Staff Agency of the Year in 2017. 2019 and 2021! We are also finalists in this year’s Northamptonshire Logistics Awards in 3 different categories; Temporary Staff Agency of the Year, Chairman Special Award and Team of the Year category.

To be recognised as winners or finalists in such categories means a lot to us. It is a recognition of all our efforts and support to the logistics sector. It is also a big motivation boost to keep going and increase our efforts in raising awareness of the importance of the HGV drivers and the haulage industry in our economy and everyday life.

You have to be in it to win it, they say. However, we do not do it for praise. We feel HGV drivers deserve more credit and respect than they get. This is why we strive to make difference and we will keep raising awareness of the vital role of HGV drivers in the UK’s economy.

Northamptonshire Temporary Staff Agency of the Year 2021 winners

Not many local driver agencies can pride themselves on so many achievements when it comes to supporting the local community and those we depend on – HGV drivers.

If you are looking for a driving agency that makes a difference, we would love to hear from you. Our friendly team is always available for a chat. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference for your business.

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