NN1’s Top Motivational Business Quotes


Running a business can be a tough job. While you might love what you do, sometimes it all feels a bit too much. Dealing with difficult customers, underperforming employees, administrative issues, unfinished projects can drain even the best business owner, physically and emotionally. It can be hard to stay motivated and focused. That’s why so many of us like motivational quotes.


References: Employer’s quick guide


How much do you know about references?
As an employer, you have most probably been asked many times to provide references for one of your former employees. You might have automatically filled in a form and sent it back, or maybe wrote a quick letter to confirm you employed such and such a person. But do you know where you stand legally when it comes to providing references? How much do you know about conducting or/and obtaining references? READ MORE

NN1 Personnel 4 Years Anniversary in Business!


On 26th January NN1 Personnel will be celebrating its 4th Anniversary. It’s this time of the year when we reflect on another year of business and remind ourselves some of the best memories and achievements. Happy 4th Birthday to us!

First of all, we wouldn’t be celebrating another birthday without our clients and drivers.


Worrying Delay in Completing Driver CPC Training


There are only 9 months to go until the Driver CPC training deadline 9th September 2019, but the latest official government statistics show that there are still many drivers that haven’t signed up for the mandatory training

Why are the statistics so worrying?

After the deadline, the HGV drivers cannot drive professionally until they have completed their training. With the lack of HGV drivers already on the edge, it might become even more serious after the 9th of September. Drivers can be fined up to £1,000 for driving professionally without valid Driver CPC.

DVSA statistics from August 2018 showed that around 75%  of drivers CPC still needed to be complete.


8 Best Gift Ideas For Professional Drivers


What is the first thing that comes to your mind that would make a perfect gift for a professional driver? We thought the perfect gifts for our drivers would be no traffic jams, polite and careful drivers, or no potholes. Unfortunately, that’s something we can only dream of and hope one day this will all come true.

There are however some things that would make great gifts for any driver. Here at NN1 Personnel we made a list of 10 best gift ideas which we think every driver would appreciate. They are practical, useful, helpful, and a few to make them smile and relax as well.  You still have a few days left till Christmas so if you haven’t got your presents sorted out yet, these might inspire you


All you need to know about tachograph cards – rules and responsibilities


As a professional HGV driver, you are obliged to use an approved tachograph. Tachograph card monitor your hours behind the wheel as well as your and company compliance with the rules, especially when it comes to taking breaks, speed limits and the distance travelled. You obviously need your tacho card to keep all the required records. But do you know what rules and responsibilities are lying behind your tacho card?


A Day in the Life of an HGV Driver


The only time I ever get up at three in the morning is when I’ve got a holiday flight booked. In the aid of science and reporting, however, I recently decided to write about a day in the life of an HGV driver which meant getting to the depot and out on the road before the sun came up.

HGV Drivers generally start very early in the day. It’s also not unusual for someone to be working for 15 hours, delivering everything from building supplies to supermarket produce both here in the UK and abroad. Despite that, HGV drivers generally love their work.


NN1 Personnel at The Recruitment Agency Expo


Last week NN1 Personnel spent couple of days at The Recruitment Agency Expo.

The Recruitment Agency Expo took place on 3th and 4th October at National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

It was the UK’s biggest trade-only event dedicated to recruitment agencies.


NN1 Personnel New Office

We Have Moved to a New Office!


We are very excited to announce that NN1 Personnel – your local Driving Agency in Northamptonshire have moved to a new location. We made some great memories in our previous office but we felt like it was the right moment to move. We have recently grown to a team of 4 so more spacious office was much needed.

Our new office is less than a mile away from the previous location, but it makes such a difference. It’s situated by the main road to Northampton on Wellingborough Road, opposite Abington Park so it’s much easier to find us now. What’s even more exciting is that there are lots of FREE parking spaces nearby for both our customers and clients.


7 Reasons for Interview No-Shows and How to Manage Them


Why People Don’t Show Up For Interview

Recruitment is a time consuming and often expensive process for businesses and organisations. You need to advertise a post, collect all the applications, review them and sort out who you are going to look more closely at. Then you need to set aside time to actually carry out the interviews and organise the people to run them.

Although technology has helped to streamline some parts of the recruitment process in recent years, the potential for candidates to not show up on the day is still an issue. While you can’t 100% avoid this happening and it is one of the challenges transport managers are facing, however, there are some measures you can put in place to help reduce the number of no shows.