8 Best Gift Ideas For Professional Drivers


What is the first thing that comes to your mind that would make a perfect gift for a professional driver? We thought the perfect gifts for our drivers would be no traffic jams, polite and careful drivers, or no potholes. Unfortunately, that’s something we can only dream of and hope one day this will all come true.

There are however some things that would make great gifts for any driver. Here at NN1 Personnel we made a list of 10 best gift ideas which we think every driver would appreciate. They are practical, useful, helpful, and a few to make them smile and relax as well.  You still have a few days left till Christmas so if you haven’t got your presents sorted out yet, these might inspire you

  1. Clothing – t-shirts

Sounds obvious, but we think it’s a great gift – Affordable and useful. It might be a gift more for casual wear, and not for work due to workwear restrictions. Still, Perfect gift especially if the driver you buy for has a good sense of humour. If you look on Amazon or Ebay there are lots of t-shirts available with funny slogans, and some you can personalise as well.

  1. Electric Blanket.

Is your driver staying away sometimes, sleeping in their cab? It’s winter, and the cab can get very cold so an electric blanket could be a huge help to keep the driver nice and warm. Make sure you get one with a long cord so the driver doesn’t struggle to plug it into an outlet.

  1. Experience day.

Supercar driving experience, off-road, maybe a flying lesson, balloon flight, skydiving, paintballing?

Although some of these ideas involve more driving, we are convinced it would make a fun and relaxing experience.

Here are top 3 websites we think can give you lots of ideas:

  1. Dash cam.

Who doesn’t like gadgets? This one would make a perfect and sensible gift. Every driver will appreciate a good dash cam. It could be a lifesaver as you could get one with cool safety features. If the driver you are getting the dash cam for is a tech gig, they will love a dash cam packed with lots of different features.


  1. Stopsleep – anti sleep alarm.

Another useful device, to be worn as a ring while driving. Perfect for those spending long hours behind the wheel, especially at night. It will alert at first signs of a drop of awareness. It will alert the driver as soon as it notices that he is starting to lose his concentration meaning time for a coffee or a little break. We think it’s a great little gadget.

  1. Handpresso – fresh hot coffee on the go.

Coffee machine for professional drivers to make coffees on board.  Yes, another gadget, but what driver wouldn’t appreciate a hot fresh coffee whenever and wherever he/she likes? Small, handy, just plug it in and enjoy. Fab gift idea.

  1. Tyre Thermo Mug

Cannot afford Handpresso – how about a Tyre Thermal Mug? Perfect novelty gift, awesome design,

  1. Healthy Food Subscription.

With their busy lifestyle on the go, ready meals based on fresh and healthy ingredients delivered daily seem perfect. No time for cooking? Care about your health? Need help staying in shape while on the road? This subscription got it covered. There are lots of websites with dietary catering, but this one caught our attention: Eat Fit Catering For more tips on healthy eating visit our blog “How to stay healthy on the road”.


We hope you like our gift ideas and we are confident that whoever gets any of the above will be more than just pleased. Let us know which gift would you like to get yourself or maybe you have other unique ideas?

All you need to know about tachograph cards – rules and responsibilities


As a professional driver, you are obliged to use an approved tachograph. It monitors your hours behind the wheel as well as your and company compliance with the rules, especially when it comes to taking breaks, speed limits and the distance travelled. You obviously need your tacho card to keep all the required records. But do you know what rules and responsibilities are lying behind your tacho card?


A Day in the Life of an HGV Driver


The only time I ever get up at three in the morning is when I’ve got a holiday flight booked. In the aid of science and reporting, however, I recently decided to write about a day in the life of an HGV driver which meant getting to the depot and out on the road before the sun came up.

HGV Drivers generally start very early in the day. It’s also not unusual for someone to be working for 15 hours, delivering everything from building supplies to supermarket produce both here in the UK and abroad. Despite that, HGV drivers generally love their work.


NN1 Personnel at The Recruitment Agency Expo


Last week NN1 Personnel spent couple of days at The Recruitment Agency Expo.

The Recruitment Agency Expo took place on 3th and 4th October at National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

It was the UK’s biggest trade-only event dedicated to recruitment agencies.


NN1 Personnel New Office

We Have Moved to a New Office!


We are very excited to announce that NN1 Personnel – your local Driving Agency in Northamptonshire have moved to a new location. We made some great memories in our previous office but we felt like it was the right moment to move. We have recently grown to a team of 4 so more spacious office was much needed.

Our new office is less than a mile away from the previous location, but it makes such a difference. It’s situated by the main road to Northampton on Wellingborough Road, opposite Abington Park so it’s much easier to find us now. What’s even more exciting is that there are lots of FREE parking spaces nearby for both our customers and clients.


7 Reasons for Interview No-Shows and How to Manage Them


Why People Don’t Show Up For Interview

Recruitment is a time consuming and often expensive process for businesses and organisations. You need to advertise a post, collect all the applications, review them and sort out who you are going to look more closely at. Then you need to set aside time to actually carry out the interviews and organise the people to run them.

Although technology has helped to streamline some parts of the recruitment process in recent years, the potential for candidates to not show up on the day is still an issue. While you can’t 100% avoid this happening and it is one of the challenges transport managers are facing, however, there are some measures you can put in place to help reduce the number of no shows.


How to keep fit when on the road – Top tips and exercises for HGV drivers


Many of HGV drivers suffer from obesity, backaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea to name just a few.

What if with only 15 minutes a day you could get a full body workout, get rid of those backaches and be able to get a proper sleep after?

Here are some tips and exercises for HGV drivers to keep you fit while on the road:


How to lose weight while on the road – fast and easy healthy lifestyle tips for HGV Drivers


Healthy lifestyle seems like a huge challenge for HGV drivers.  Their working environment provides limited opportunities for keeping healthy and fit.  Obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are just a few of the consequences of their long working hours. So what the healthy lifestyle tips for HGV Drivers can we offer?

Meet Konrad Kochanek – one of our HGV drivers who took on the challenge to lose weight and fit a healthy lifestyle into his job as a lorry driver.

NN1 Personnel asked him why he decided to lose weight and how he manages to keep a healthy lifestyle on the road. Here are some fast and easy tips for HGV Drivers on how to lose some weight.


6 Things You Should Know About Driving In Hot Weather


It’s been the longest heatwave since 1976 and while some are enjoying the sunshine, it’s been a challenge for others, especially for those on the road that are driving in hot weather.

Most of the trucks are equipped with aircon to keep you cool and comfortable. But that’s not enough. We listed a few tips and ideas below on how to stay cool and focused while on the road.  There are also some rules you have to follow as a commercial driver.


Issues Transport Managers Face

5 Challenges Transport Managers Are Facing


Organising the logistics for transporting goods and freight across the UK and Europe has always been incredibly challenging.  Transport Managers Challenge is an increasing demand from customers who want their cargo delivered as quickly as possible.

Software and technical solutions developed over the last five to ten years have enabled managers to operate more efficiently but there are always additional hurdles to get over and an increasing amount of data to handle.

Over the next 12 months, however, transport manages face a number of specific challenges according to a recent survey by the Freight Transport Association.