Christmas Act of Kindness Success

January 7th, 2022

Yes! We did it again!

As you all probably know, NN1 Personnel organised the Christmas Act of Kindness on Christmas Day 2021. As our Act of Kindness aims at HGV drivers working away from home over the Christmas period, we did just that.

NN1 Team and some of our drivers, friends and supporters spent Christmas Day visiting local truckstops and distributing parcels with treats to the HGV drivers to show them support and appreciation and cheer them up a bit.

This was only possible thanks to all our supporters and donations. We managed to raise £630 via the GoFundMe page. We used the money to buy fruits, drinks, sandwiches, coffee, nuts, crisps etc and organise them in small parcels for each driver.

Thank you so much for all your donations, support and help on the day. Big shout out to Carro Transport, who lend us their van on the day. Also huge thanks to Route Logistics and Paul Clifton for your support. Much appreciated!


Justyna Sodel, the director of NN1 Personnel, said: “Thank you ALL for your donations. This money will go towards buying gifts for all HGV drivers we meet on Christmas Day in Northamptonshire services. I hope this small act of kindness will brighten up their Christmas Day and show our appreciation to all hardworking HGV Drivers.

Damian Sodel also showed his appreciation on the day on social media: “Another great success, we collected nearly £700 pounds and delivered 120 parcels across Red Lion/ Watford Gap and Rugby services, once again thank you, everyone, for donations and support, thank you Ben Bouttell and Lee Roberts from Carro Transport for providing transport. Next year we will be aiming for 300 parcels!”

Yes! Next year we are going to make the event even bigger and better. We know we can do it, and we know it’s worth it. It was an amazing day, to be able to meet so many British and foreign drivers at the truck stops. We could speak to them and listen to their stories, and we brightened their day by giving them a parcel with treats. You can imagine how grateful some of them were for our little act of kindness!

One of the foreign drivers fell so grateful that he left us a 5-star review on Google before we even managed to distribute all our parcels! We managed to translate it: ” Thank you for the gift. Huge pleasure. I am from Ukraine. All days we are so far away from home, and you didn’t forget about us. Thank you!!!” This made us feel very grateful too, and it strengthen our belief that we did the right thing.

This is why next year we are going much bigger and we are counting on your support!

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