HGV Drivers Day – 22nd January

January 21st, 2022
HGV Drivers Day

22nd January is HGV Drivers Day. This day is dedicated to all professional drivers out there, our road heroes, who work hard to keep the UK moving. It’s a day set by NN1 Personnel to raise awareness of the importance of the job the professional drivers do and show them our respect.

Why celebrate #HGVdriversDay ?

Their job and vital role in the economy seem underrated, and most people take it for granted. They often travel hundreds of miles in all sorts of conditions to deliver the essential goods we need or love. They cannot just stay home considering the circumstances we are all in at the moment due to the pandemic. Otherwise, we would be seeing empty shelves in the shops!

They might not be saving lives literally. However,  they sacrifice their time away from home and family often working up to 15 hours a day, sometimes away for days or even weeks, lonely and isolated. They have a very responsible job and they work hard to make sure we have food and all necessities to keep going. They are road heroes and deserve more respect and appreciation. So before you give them a bit of a stick, think how important they are.

How to celebrate?

We believe that it’s important now more than ever to appreciate and give a shout out to professional drivers. The transport industry is being relied upon to deliver much-needed goods on time and safely, and they are working hard while risking their health to do so.

Here at NN1 Personnel, we always treat drivers with respect, striving to accommodate their needs and requests. We appreciate their hard work and the risk they take every day when hitting the road.

We like to recognise their passion and commitments. From a simple Birthday card, a Christmas present to a gift card for being a driver of the month are just some of the examples of our appreciation.

One of our greatest acts of support for HGV drivers happens every Christmas Day when NN1 Personnel organises #ChristmasActOfKindness event. We visit local truckstops, speak to the HGV drivers there and give them little gifts and treats. We show them support, respect and brighten their Christmas Day a little bit. Big Thank you to all our supporters and those who helped us again on the day making the Christmas Act of Kindness a huge success.

Please help us spread the word about our “Road heroes”, their commitments and the fantastic job they are doing, especially in these difficult times. They deserve much praise and respect!

Why not show them some respect and appreciation by just a small act of kindness. Make them a hot drink, have a conversation, or just share some likes on social media. Maybe you want to give a shout out to a driver in your team/workplace? Whatever you do, however you celebrate #HGVdriversDay we are sure drivers will appreciate it.

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