Why drivers should take their eye test regularly

April 18th, 2023

drivers eye test

Do you take your eye test regularly? Good vision is crucial for safe driving. A driver’s ability to see and react to potential hazards on the road is critical to preventing accidents. Poor vision is one of the leading causes of car accidents.

It’s needless to say that having good vision is particularly important for drivers, which is why learner drivers are asked to read a number plate correctly from a distance at the start of their practical driving test. Regular eye exams can help ensure that drivers have adequate vision to drive safely, which can ultimately save lives.

Have you had your eye test recently?

It’s recommended that most people should get their eyes tested every two years. However, according to the latest research by Lenstore, not every driver follows the good practice of regular eye tests. Out of the 2,000 UK drivers tested, half of them claimed to have either not had their eyes tested within the last two years. Many of them have never had their eyesight tested at all!

The research also revealed 75% of drivers wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. This means they are not aware or simply ignoring the importance of a regular eyesight check not only for their health benefits but also for their safety and other road users.

Lenstore says regular eye tests are “one of the best measures we have” when it comes to preventing collisions. Yet, millions of professional drivers are ignoring the NHS guidance when it comes to their eyesight. “When it comes to reducing the number of preventable car accidents on our roads, regular eye tests are one of the best measures we have, and one day having yours could even save someone’s life.”

Driving eyesight rules

Book an eye test

When was the last time you had your eye test? If it was longer than 2 years ago, we recommend that you book it sooner than later. You can book an appointment with a specialist near you, such as Boots Opticians, Specsavers or Vision Express. You can also check here if you qualify for a free NHS eye test.

Even if you think you have perfect eyesight, there is no better thing to do for your health and safety than having a regular eye test.

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