How vital are Driving Licence Checks?

May 3rd, 2023
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Driving licence checks

How vital are driving licence checks? Whether you are a driver supplier or have employees who drive professionally for you, you need to make sure the drivers are legally licensed to do so. As an employer, you are obliged to ensure fleet compliance, which includes driver safety checks.

Why so important?

You should conduct DVLA checks of your drivers at least once a year. As a business, you should set up your own policy for regularly checking driving licences. Why?

  1. Compliance with regulations: Failing to comply with these regulations can result in penalties and fines.
  2. Risk management: Employers have a responsibility to ensure that their drivers are qualified and competent to operate a vehicle safely. Checking driving records can help identify potential risks and prevent accidents.
  3. Protection against liability: If an employee causes an accident while on the job, the employer can be held liable for damages. Conducting driver’s license checks can help demonstrate that the employer took reasonable steps to ensure the employee was qualified to operate a vehicle.
  4. Reputation: An accident involving an employee can damage a business’s reputation, especially if it could have been prevented by conducting proper driver’s license checks.

Overall, driver’s license checks can be a crucial component of a business’s risk management strategy and can help protect the business, its employees, and the public.

Why you should carry our regular DL checks:

Regular driving licence checks give you many benefits. The best practice is to check them more often than just once a year. This gives you the chance to check if all of your drivers have valid DL, tacho and CPC cards. It also allows you to check for recent penalty points, offences and disqualifications.

What’s more important than knowing that the drivers you send on the road are fully qualified? This will give you and your business a piece of mind.

Here at NN1 Personnel, you can be sure we will never send you a driver without making sure he is fully competent to drive. We carry out DVLA checks once a month to make sure our drivers are fully qualified. It also allows us to remind them of updating their documents, and addresses, and update our records accordingly. We will make sure you have a piece of mind when supplying you with our drivers.

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