6 Wellbeing and Health Tips for HGV Drivers

April 16th, 2018

Long hours on the road and sitting down all the time can be a problem for many HGV Drivers health and well-being. As a working demographic, they can often be more at risk from conditions such high blood pressure and heart problems as well as having weight issues all because of their sedentary lifestyle.

It’s not just physical health that can be at risk for HGV drivers – maintaining mental wellbeing on those long-haul journeys can be a challenge as well.
Here are our top wellbeing tips to keep you in better shape.

1. Exercise Your Eyes
Hours on the road take their toll on your eyes. You start to feel tired and your vision might even become blurred, especially at night. A few simple exercises once you park up for a break can make a big difference. These include rolling your eyes back and forth and giving yourself a gentle massage over those tired lids. Shifting focus deliberately from one place to another can also help keep your eyes in fine fettle.
Check out these exercises that can help improve your eye health.

2. Clean Your Cab
There’s no doubt that cabs can get pretty messy if they’re not looked after. But untidiness also means your driving area might well be harbouring a few nasty germs here and there. Taking a couple of minutes to give your cab a clean makes sense. That includes giving areas like the steering wheel the once over with a bacterial wipe.

3. Make Your Own Food
It can be tempting to stop off at the motorway services and munch on a high-calorie. The trouble is this isn’t very good for your health and well-being or your waistline.
Taking your own prepared food is a much better option and will keep you in good habits when it comes to eating on the road. Swap that burger for a homemade chicken salad and you’ll find yourself feeling a whole lot healthier. If you like to munch on something while driving, exchange crisps and chocolate bars for nuts and dried fruit.

4. Cut the Energy Drinks
Other choices that can be just as unhealthy and are widely available on the road. If you’re downing too many energy drinks, sugar, caffeine and preservatives can actually drain your energy levels rather than boost them. A coffee once in a while is fine but try to stick to water for the rest of your time driving. It keeps you hydrated and more awake than those unhealthy energy drinks, especially when driving at night. Read some more tips for night time drivers here.

5. Get Some Exercise Where You Can
If you put your mind to it, there are plenty of ways to get some exercise while you are on a long journey. For instance, doing a few isometric exercises where you tense muscles and then relax them can be the easiest thing to do while heading down the motorway. When you park up, do so a bit further away from buildings so that you can get some walking exercise. A few jumping jacks when you rest at a layby can certainly help get the blood flowing.

6. Excercise Your Mind
Finally, just because you’re driving doesn’t mean you can’t keep your mind working. There are audio books you can buy nowadays or you can download a podcast for your favourite show, even learn a language while on the move. Keeping those grey cells working while you’re driving through the night is the best way to ensure your mental health stays in tip top condition.

Staying in good shape is not easy for professional drivers who work really hard and do long hours. To read some tips for night drivers please follow this link.<

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