Why and how to become a LGV Driver in Northampton

March 1st, 2018

A career as LGV Driver in Northampton can offer a salaries starting from £22,000 and rising to £45,000 plus, depending on the industry you work in. In today’s complex employment landscape, finding a job that not only gives you a sense of achievement but also pays a decent wage is becoming increasingly difficult.

The good news is there is a national shortage of approximately 50,000 drivers. The average age of a LGV driver is 53 years old so as drivers retire over the next decade the shortage will become a lot worse. Industry experts predict the shortage of skilled driver will hit 150,000 by 2020.

If you want the challenge of being part of a diverse industry while earning a decent wage training as an LGV Driver in Northampton makes perfect sense.


What is a LGV driver?

They are drivers who operate large goods vehicle of 7.5 tons and more. Everything from your food, clothes, house, cars, cycles, fuel and much more has been on a truck at some point. LGV Drivers keep the country moving and without them, the country would soon grind to a stop. As an in today’s complex employment landscape, finding a job that not only gives you a sense of achievement but also pays a decent wage is becoming increasingly difficult.there is more to the job than just driving. The responsibility of load securing, security, customer service, route planning, navigating and meeting deadlines play a part in every driver’s role. If you are looking to become a LGV Driver in Northampton you will need certain attributes. Spending time on your own may not suit everyone and loving driving comes with the job. Delays in traffic, road works, being away from home and sleeping in a truck may not appeal to everyone, but there are many jobs where LGV Drivers  do go home each day

Learning to become a LGV Driver in Northampton

The process to become a LGV Driver in Northampton can be confusing but by following this link will make it crystal clear.

Step 1

To become a lorry driver you must be over 18 (But there are some exceptions) and hold a Category B car licence. You will also have to hold a Certificate of Professional Competence.

Step 2

Apply for a provisional licence to drive a Category C vehicle which is normally an 18 tonner. To do this a medical is required and the doctor will issue a D4 form. Fill out a D2 application form and send both forms along with your driving licence to the DVLA to be processed.

Step 3

While waiting for your licence to return the studying starts. You must pass a Theory and Hazard Perception test before getting behind the wheel. You will need your driving licence to sit the tests which are held at a local Pearson centre. The theory test has 100 multiple choice questions to be completed in 1hour and 55minutes, the pass mark is 85%. The Hazard Perception test has 19 clips with 20 hazards to identify. This test is also done at a local Pearson centre and has a pass mark of 67%. Both of these tests are supported by online learning and class room based lessons if necessary. Students will be allocated a tutor who will monitor mock test scores and will provide a learning plan to suit the student’s needs.

Step 4

The driving ability test. At the start of the test the examiner will ask a series of safety question before taking the student on the road for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. The examiner will see how you use the controls, move away at an angle, move away uphill, move away downhill, use the mirrors, give the correct signals, show awareness of other traffic, manage your speed, deal with hazards, select a safe place to stop and perform an S shaped reverse exercise. To pass the test you must have 15 or less driving faults with no serious or dangerous points.

Step 5

The first of two steps to gain the CPC qualification. This step is taken at a Pearson centre under exam conditions. You will be given seven case study’s to work through based on situations you are likely to come across. The test lasts for 1 hour and 55 minutes, with a pass mark of 80%. Again the study for this is fully supported using an online learning portal.

Step 6

A practical demonstration of your skills is required. AE Driver Training and Recruitment Ltd were one of the first training provider to be allowed to perform this test at their site with a DVSA approved examiner. This test has five questions with one each from the following subjects

To pass you have to score at least 15 out of 20 for each topic and have an overall score of at least 80 out of a 100. This is the final step to starting a career as a Cat C lorry driver. The CPC qualification is valid for five years so most drivers do one days training every year to stay up to date.

Driver training

The good news is there are plenty of driver training companies in Northampton how can guide you through the process. AE Driver Training and Recruitment Ltd who are based on Brackmills are one of the market leaders in driver training. They employ DVSA only driving instructor and have a policy of only delivering one 2 one in cab training.

AE Driver will support a student from the beginning of their journey assisting in filling out the application forms and sending them through the APC parcel network. They will set up a student’s learning portal and provide a dedicated tutor to support all of their students’ study. The process to achieve a Cat C licence normally takes 6-8 weeks depending on the speed the DVLA process their provisional licence. If a student wished to achieve their Cat CE licence this can be done as soon as the licence id returned after the Cat C entitlement has been added to the licence.

AE Driver Training also specialises in continuation training providing periodic CPC courses. For more information or enquiries contact AE Driver on 08453735000,  find them on Facebook  or visit their website www.aedriver.co.uk

Where to find a job

Once you have finally passed your test and have your CPC qualification you will be able to apply for jobs as a LGV Driver in Northampton. At NN1 Personnel in Northampton, we specialise in logistics and providing LGV Driver in Northamptonshire for companies in our local region. We pride ourselves on providing great support, regular work and great pay to our successful applicants.<

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