Truck stop upgrades are on the way!

September 11th, 2023

Great news for lorry drivers and the logistics sector in England! Truck stops upgrades are on the way! The government and industry are teaming up to invest a whopping £8 million to upgrade truck stops and improve the welfare of our hardworking HGV drivers. It’s official! The funding has been awarded today, 11th September 2023. Read the Government’s update here.

What does it mean to HGV drivers?

It’s all about addressing the shortage of HGV drivers and making the job more attractive. When drivers have better places to rest and refresh, they can do their jobs more effectively, which benefits everyone.

Lorry drivers, the unsung heroes who keep our goods moving day and night, are getting some well-deserved attention. Thanks to this funding, 39 roadside facility operators across England will get a slice of the £8 million pie, along with an additional £11 million from industry partners. The money will be used to make life on the road better for our drivers.

What’s the Big Picture?

This isn’t just about making life more comfortable for lorry drivers. It’s part of a much larger plan. The government and industry are investing up to £100 million in total to support the logistics sector. Why? Because a strong logistics sector means a stronger economy.

Good news keeps on coming! The second round of funding is now open for roadside facility operators to bid for more investment. This means even more improvements could be on the way. The deadline to apply is November 20, 2023.

Quotes from the Experts

Experts in the field are excited about this news. They recognize the importance of these improvements for drivers. Kate Jennings from Logistics UK highlights that these upgrades will provide professional drivers with much-needed facilities during their workdays.

Richard Smith, the Managing Director of the Road Haulage Association, encourages other operators to apply for funding, emphasizing the importance of better facilities and secure parking for truckers.

Mike Heaton from Certas Energy UK shows strong support for the mission to improve driver facilities, recognizing the vital role of the DfT funding.

So, there you have it! Exciting times ahead for lorry drivers and the logistics sector in England. Better facilities, more secure parking, and improved rest areas are on the horizon, thanks to this significant investment. It’s all about making life on the road safer and more comfortable for our dedicated drivers while boosting the economy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it will all go to plan.

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