The lorry drivers who miss Christmas

January 3rd, 2023

NN1 Personnel and our ‘Christmas Act of Kindness’ were featured in the BBC news last month.

It is great to see our appeal brings a lot of interest from the HGV drivers and supporters and local news.

BBC News wrote: ‘Pretty much every present beneath every Christmas tree will, at some stage, have been carried on the back of a lorry. Some of the drivers who help make Christmas possible will spend the festive day far away from their families and loved ones. What do they do instead? Many drivers who began their journeys overseas find themselves parked up at one of England’s many truck stops at Christmas.

BBC named Damian Sodel ‘the father Christmas for lorry drivers’.

Apart from Damian, Stuart, one of our loyal drivers has also been featured in the article

You can read the full article here.

The BBC’s interview with Damian and Stuart was featured in the Lunch Time News on BBC Channel on Boxing Day last month.

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