The power of kindness

January 16th, 2023

We did it again! With the power of kindness, we made last Christmas special for some.

Last year, again, NN1 Personnel, with the support of our clients, friends and the NN1 team, visited local truckstops and delivered hampers to all HGV drivers spending Christmas in their trucks. It was part of our Christmas Act of Kindness appeal, which we organise every Christmas.

Thanks to the money raised through the GoFundMe page, a whooping £1200, we prepared 250 bags of goodies. These bags contained fruits, instant soup, coffee, tea, some treats, sandwiches and an alcoholic beverage.

We were overwhelmed by the gratefulness of the HGV drivers we met. They say you get what you give. We spread some cheer and kindness and received the same in return. There were so many emotions, happy tears and laughter. They offered us tea, coffee, and even some breakfast as a thank-you for the little hampers. It proved the power of kindness.

We spoke to many drivers travelling from distant countries like Serbia, Turkey, Latvia, and Poland, as well as UK drivers. Some could barely speak English, but we could tell by their faces and emotions that they were grateful. They appreciated the little act of kindness that someone remembered about them, even though they were in a foreign country, on their own.

It was lovely to make their day and listen to their stories.

Thank you so much for all your donations, support and help on the day. Big shout out to Carro Transport, who lent us their van on the day. Your kindness was much appreciated! Thank you to all who donated through our GoFundme page, including Mandata Transport Management Software, East Midlands HR, Woodfines Solicitors, Wise Logistics and MAM Transport. We would also like to thank BBC News Look East, for showing interest in our appeal and their article. They named Damian Sodel the ‘father Christmas’ for HGV drivers’ and this nickname now stays!

This year we managed to prepare many more hampers than last year. We visited quite a few truck stops across Northamptonshire and still had a few bags left by the end of the day. We decided to join Amarjit Singh Atwal and Northampton Hope Centre and Hope Enterprises in Northampton Town Centre. We distributed the hampers to the homeless people.

It was a humbling experience to show kindness to those in need – a Boxings Day very well spent. We will be returning next year, so watch the space.

Always be kind to everyone. You have no idea what people might be dealing with in their personal life.

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