From awards to spreading joy

October 2nd, 2023
Xmas Act of Kindness
spreading joy through our Xmas Act of Kindness appeal

From awards to spreading joy.

It is this time of the year when NN1 Personnel begins preparations for our annual Xmas Act of Kindness appeal. But This year, there’s an exciting twist to it. The event has secured us a spot in the finals at the prestigious Northamptonshire Logistics Awards! And let me tell you, this means the world to us!

The Northamptonshire Logistics Awards is the perfect platform to showcase our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of HGV drivers and our community. We’re honored to be part of this event, and it inspires us to work harder and dream bigger. We’re eagerly anticipating the celebration alongside all the finalists on October 13, 2023. Whether we emerge as winners or not, one thing is for certain – we’ll continue to spread joy this Christmas.

Xmas Act of Kindness story

Every year NN1 Personnel, with the unwavering support of our clients, friends, and our incredible team, embarked on a mission to make Christmas extra special for HGV drivers. Our Christmas Act of Kindness appeal became an unforgettable success story, touching the hearts of many.

Thanks to the remarkable generosity of donors on our GoFundMe page, we raised a staggering £1200 last year. With these funds, we meticulously crafted 250 hampers, brimming with fresh fruits, instant soup, coffee, tea, delightful treats, hearty sandwiches, and a sprinkle of holiday cheer. We were spreading some joy around truck stops and lay bays around Northamptonshire.

The reactions from the HGV drivers were nothing short of incredible. It was a testament to the power of kindness. Tears of gratitude, contagious laughter, and heartfelt gestures of hospitality filled the air as drivers welcomed us with open arms, offering tea, coffee, and breakfast in return for those thoughtful hampers.

We didn’t limit our kindness to just local drivers; we reached out to those traveling from distant lands like Serbia, Turkey, Latvia, and Poland, as well as our fellow UK drivers. Language barriers couldn’t mask the universal language of appreciation that shone in their eyes. Our act of kindness made them feel remembered and valued, even in a foreign land.

Our act of kindness was prominently featured in BBC News last year and it’s truly heartwarming to see the tremendous interest it has garnered from HGV drivers, supporters, and the local community. Damian Sodel, our very own ‘father Christmas for lorry drivers,’ earned a well-deserved mention. Notably, Stuart, one of our steadfast drivers, also shared the spotlight. You can delve into the full article for more details here.

Spreading more joy this year

And now, the spotlight shines brighter than ever as NN1 Personnel gears up for another year of spreading joy. We’re determined to make this year’s Christmas Act of Kindness appeal bigger and better than ever before. But, of course, we can’t do it alone. We’ll be reaching out to our amazing community once again, asking for your generous support.

So, as we prepare for this year’s Christmas Act of Kindness, we invite you to join us in making it a truly magical experience for HGV drivers. Together, we can create more smiles, more laughter, and more cherished moments. please visit our GoFundMe page and donate to our appeal. Every penny counts.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this heartwarming journey once more. Remember, kindness has the power to change the world, one hamper at a time. Let’s make this holiday season unforgettable, together!

GoFundMe page for Xmas Act of Kindness

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