Drivers’ hours fines: changes from 5 March 2018


From Monday 5 March 2018 there are some important changes for HGV Drivers coming in place.

Drivers will be fined for older offences. DVSA traffic examiners will start issuing on-the-spot fines for any drivers’ hours offences committed in the last 28 days”.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) can fine drivers up to £300 if they’re caught breaking the rules. They can also be prosecuted or have their vehicle immobilised.

At the moment, DVSA can only fine drivers for offences committed that day and ongoing offences, like manipulating tachograph records, which record drivers’ hours


Logistics In Northamptonshire Is Thriving


Northamptonshire’s central geographical location has contributed much to its development as a busy thriving logistics hub for the UK in recent years. Transport for business is now one of the fastest developing sectors in the county, with around one in seven people now thought to be employed in it. Logistics in Northamptonshire is thriving.

If you’re looking for a career that really counts and live in Northamptonshire, then focusing on the logistics industry not only provides a wide variety of opportunities but the potential for good rates of pay.


What Support is Available for Small Businesses in Northamptonshire?


Support for small businesses in Northamptonshire
With its central location and thriving logistics sector, Northamptonshire is currently one of the best places for small businesses to set up. Starting a new business, of course, can be daunting. While it’s easier than ever to get a project off the ground, nearly half of new ventures still fail within the first three years.

Often that’s because a business isn’t being provided with the support it really needs. Many companies don’t know what support is available for small businesses in Northamptonshire?


NN1 Personnel 3rd Birthday Celebrations


NN1 Personnel is celebrating our 3rd birthday this week!

We’ve worked with some great clients over the past three years and feel very lucky to have built good foundations for our excellent working relationships. Thank you to all our HGV drivers, our clients and our business networks for giving us the support we’ve had!

Driving HGVs at Night: Top Tips for Staying Safe


Driving HGV at night can be a stressful and lonely occupation at the best of times. Staying alert while driving along busy roads over long distances is not easy as anyone in the business will tell you. It can be even more challenging if you are regularly undertaking long haul journeys overnight, as many operatives have to do nowadays.
Not only is there the problem of reduced visibility and the pressure of delivering on time, drivers have to contend with staying awake and alert for long hours. Unfortunately, long distance HGV drivers can get into bad habits that put them at risk, including having a bad diet and poor sleep practices. READ MORE

Why go for a small independent recruitment agency?


The desire to work with a big or large firm in all areas of human endeavour is a good dream to nurture. It is considered a sign of growth, expansion or even advancement. It is only disheartening when this dream becomes short-lived because of the organizational errors that come with big names, that make their clients endure some setbacks because they have the name.

Top interview tips for HGV drivers


When applying for a job as a HGV driver, it is always a good idea to do some research and prepare for your job HGV job interview. You will usually find information about the company’s history and operations on the company’s website. It is also worth typing the company name into Google to read any recent news articles about the organisation to be better prepare for HGV job interview.


Three key values…


NN1 Personnel was featured in the latest edition of All Things Business magazine!

“Honesty, integrity and trust are what make NN1 Personnel the successful business that they are today. But these three key values didn’t just come over night. With lots of determination, hard work and building a reputation is something that has taken time to succeed.