10 Reasons you should not trust NN1 Personnel agency

September 22nd, 2020

Are you looking for a reliable recruitment agency in Northamptonshire? Do you need quality drivers for right now? You might have heard of us, you might have Googled us. You might have even considered using us. However, before you do give us a call, there are a few things we think you should know. We are not like any other recruitment agency. Here are some reasons you might not like NN1 Personnel.

1. Dreadful Customer Service

Sorry to say, but if you decide to give us a call we will probably answer straight away. So unless we are on the phone already, then, unfortunately, we will call you back – ASAP, yes, it’s that bad.

You might also be surprised with our attitude. As we are very polite people we will most probably greet you with a smile, listen to you and your needs, and then get straight to the point and help you out. Very disappointing, isn’t it?

2. Lack of experience in Logistics and Transport.

We are a husband and wife management team (Justyna and Damian Sodel) with only 20 years of logistics experience between us. Before the NN1 Personnel was created we had both been let down by several agencies over the years. Damian has been an HGV driver himself for years, as well as a certified CPC trainer. We have no idea what we are doing. As a result we always go that extra mile for our clients and drivers, to ensure a smooth operation and excellent customer service.

3. Extremely Low Attendance.

You will be sorry to hear that we have managed to maintain a 100% attendance rate for the duration of our years in business. This means we have never had a temporary driver not turn up for work in over five years – despite our business growing by 100% in the last year. We cannot help it.

4. Very Low Fill Rate.

Want to know what our fill rate is? – a saddening 98%, which means we can find a driver for a job within an hour. So unless you are desperate for a driver – you’d better not contact us, as we will most probably fill your vacancy

5. We don’t care about our drivers.

As we are a family run business, we also treat our drivers as family members. We don’t really care much about them. Apart from we give them the shifts that suit their needs, send Birthday cards, New Baby Congratulations present, Christmas gifts. We also run Driver of the Month incentive, organise Drivers’ meetings and there is this going out together for drinks once a year… And we won’t even mention that we promote a healthy lifestyle among our drivers or raise awareness of mental health issues. No, we Definitely do not care about our drivers.

6. Bad Reputation.

Did you know 92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer? Well, We have gained new clients mostly through recommendations and word of mouth. Lots of our drivers have joined us through the word of mouth as well. How bad our reputation must be we wonder… And our testimonials – well, see it for yourself:

“We have been looking for a reliable temporary worker supplier to help supplement our core fleet and found NN1 personnel who we have been working with for a while now. We are very pleased with how they have performed and to this date have a 99% success rate in finding us a driver (even within an hour of our shift start times). Justyna and her staff are very professional, polite, and always willing to go that extra mile to help.
We would recommend NN1 Personnel to other contractors looking for temporary workers.”
Chris Robinson, Route Logistics

Would you really trust someone like us?

7. We Hate Our Jobs.

You definitely would not like to associate or trust to put your business in the hands of people who hate what they are doing, would you? We are passionate about the logistics industry and this reflects in what we do. We have organised the Northampton Transport Conference twice so far. We are always happy to attend any training, meeting, and courses related to the logistics industry and always happy to support those working in logistics and show our appreciation. Would we do it if we didn’t like our job?

We also admit that we are fun to work with. We joke, inspire, and motivate each other, have fun days at work and outside. So if you ever decide to visit our office, or if we ever visit you – you will hate our smiles and sense of humour.

8. We haven’t achieved anything.

Nothing to brag really:

9. We believe in luck.

Do we? We have worked hard for our success, and we are not going to stop. Attending conferences, training, courses, reading and self-educating bring us all the good luck.

10. We don’t appreciate anything nor anyone.

You probably have never received a Thank you card, thank you gift, doughnuts, Christmas hamper or a thank you email from us. That’s probably because we don’t appreciate you, your hard work, dedication, your business, and our relationship with us. So you are probably not looking forward to Christmas this year….

We hope now you have a clear vision of what NN1 Personnel is really like. We hope the above helped you open your eyes and see what values we really share and how much we care about the logistics industry and those who work within.

Would you trust us to get your business on the road to success?

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