National Lorry Week returns for 2022

September 30th, 2022

The Road Haulage Association will run its eighth National Lorry Week from 24th to 30th October this year. If you are new to the industry, the RHA’s annual campaign highlights businesses and individuals involved in the transport industry.

Prepare for a month-long celebration as a part of the campaign. It will kick off in Peterborough on October 3rd and it will celebrate the role and importance of the UK’s road transport across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What can you expect during a month-long roadshow? The RHA will be visiting sites across the UK in their new National Lorry Week branded DAF lorry. You will hear some stories of successful individuals. The RHA will also be “showcasing the great work that is being done to shape the future of road transport; from recruiting new talent, adopting new technology and improving standards”.

This year’s sponsors and supporters include Backhouse Jones, Michelin, D4Drivers, DAF, Digihaul, Driver Hire Nationwide, Fuelcard Company, Michelin, Michelin Connected Fleet, RHA Insurance Services, SNAP, Transaid and Tructyre.

Follow the National Lorry Week on social media and stay up to date with daily progress. You can also get involved in the campaign. Visit to find out more.

If you are proudly working in the transport industry why not spread the word by including #NationalLorryWeek hashtag in your posts across social media channels?

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