5 Tips for Improving Your HGV Drivers Retention

March 26th, 2018

HGV Drivers retention has been a massive issue recently.  There has been a shortage of qualified HGV drivers for a while now across many industries and many companies struggle with HGV drivers retention. While this might be good for individual drivers because they have more choice in the companies they work for, businesses have found that retention continues to be a key issue.

For transport managers, the question is clear-cut: How do you stop your best drivers from moving on and how to improve HGV drivers retention?

As in any other job, it’s not just about the money and there are a lot of ways in which managers can create a more favourable work environment that is likely to improve driver retention both in the short and long term.

Here are just 5 examples where you can make a difference in your haulage business:

  1. Spend More Time Listening

Driving HGV vehicle can be a lonely business. You load up your truck, get in it and drive to the destination, unload and head back, often spending long hours on the road, often driving at night.

Developing relationships and engaging with drivers can be difficult but it’s worth sitting down with them to listen to their problems and getting to know them. Opening better lines of communications, so that drivers can always get in touch with the depot if there are delays or issues along route means that key staff don’t feel quite so isolated.

  1. Recognise Good Work

As in any other jobs, employees like to get recognition for doing good work. It doesn’t take much to say thank you and tell a driver that they did an excellent job or that you’re impressed their overall performance.

If a driver goes above and beyond what is normally expected, you can even reward them, perhaps add extra credit to spend at motorway services. Maybe you want to cultivate a safer work environment and put in benefits for those drivers who help improve or follow your company’s safety protocol. There are a number of ways that you can recognise your drivers and make them feel a valued part of the team.

  1. Provide Additional Training

Investing in your HGV fleet isn’t just about the vehicles. Despite the huge loads being transported from A to B every day, this is still a people business. Your HGV drivers may well benefit from additional training programmes or even first aid training. Offering courses like economic driving, for instance, can also benefit your business in the long term. Investing in your workforce creates an attachment and that can improve retention because you simply show that you care.

  1. Organise Workloads Well

One of the biggest complaints drivers can have is unrealistic workloads. Perhaps they’re driving too many hours a day and there’s a risk of them getting tired and having an accident. Fleet managers need to ensure workloads are managed appropriately and that drivers get the right amount of quality rest in between jobs.

HGV driver health is a big issue – despite its rugged reputation, this is a job that has your staff sitting down for long periods of time. Encouraging healthy practices and rewarding these can stop you losing staff due to ill health.

  1. Maintain Your Fleet

Finally, most drivers want to operate in a well maintained and clean HGV. If a fault is noticed by the driver, then it should be rectified as soon as possible. A diligent maintenance regime ensures that your fleet spends more of its time on the road and your drivers don’t experience frustrating delays because of breakdowns.

Having a clear policy for keeping cabs clean and tidy can also ensure no one is climbing into a poorly maintained work area. Investing in a regular cleaning regime means that your drivers don’t pick up colds and other illnesses that have been passed on by previous occupants or simply have to sit in a cab that looks like it’s seen better days.

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