4 powerful reasons to learn First Aid

September 14th, 2022

Your workplace – road – is as safe as each driver makes it. Accidents happen all the time, even to the best drivers. It is very likely that at some point in your working life on the road, you will find yourself at the scene of a road traffic accident. It might involve casualties, so your quick response and first aid skills can save your or someone else’s life.

Would you feel confident providing First Aid to an injured person?

First Aid basics are part of your CPC course. However, you might consider attending an advanced First Aid course to expand your knowledge and build confidence.

Below, we listed four powerful reasons to attend a First Aid course and learn essential skills.

It can save lives

When you know when and how to act in an emergency, you can save someone’s life. Imagine the pride! Wouldn’t it make you feel like a hero? Basic First Aid skills can relieve pressure on the Ambulance crew and NHS upon arriving at the scene. It also gives the injured person a better chance of survival or speedy recovery.

Below is a reminder of the main steps to providing first aid on the road:

1. Deal with danger

2. Get help

3. Help those involved

4. Provide emergency care.

REMEMBER: If someone’s unconscious, follow the DR ABC code

D – check for danger, such as approaching traffic.

R – ask them questions, and gently shake their shoulders to check for a response.

A – check their airway’s clear.

B – check for breathing for up to 10 seconds.

C – if they’re not breathing, place two hands in the centre of their chest and press down hard and fast (compressions), about twice a second. Only use one hand for a small child.

It is always better to have the skills and not need them rather than need the skills but not have them.

It’s a skill for life

Knowing First Aid is a life skill you can use at home, work and anywhere else, no matter the situation. It prepares you for accidents that can happen at any point in your life, big or small. It is also a highly valued skill so make sure you include it in your CV. People around you, e.g. at work or home, will feel more confident and secure knowing that you have the skills to assist if any of them feels sick or gets injured. It boosts their morale. And last but not least It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you have life-saving skills.

It increases confidence

Learning First Aid boosts your confidence. How? You will feel empowered knowing what to do and how to do when an accident occurs and give immediate assistance to the person in need. Knowing you have the tools to assist someone when they get injured gives you the confidence to use them correctly and efficiently to keep the situation under control. At the same time, it gives you peace of mind. You will not be scared of a medical emergency as you will know how to deal with it.

It encourages safe living

As a professional HGV driver, you can play a role in creating a safer environment at your workplace – the road. Knowing First Aid increases your health and safety awareness. You will make changes and take better care of yourself and the ones around you. You will work – drive – safely as you will have a better idea of the risk and dangers that can happen, especially at your workplace.

Where to book the First Aid course?

You can ask your employer if they organise First Aid courses for their drivers. You can read more about first aid and find out where there’s a training course near you by visiting these websites:

British Red Cross

St John’s Ambulance

Local First Aid Courses

We also encourage you to check out some youtube videos to refresh your knowledge. Here is a course we found by Disque Foundation. In each lesson, you will learn how to provide First Aid in a different situation.

Below is the first lesson.

We hope you will never find yourself in a situation where you have to give first aid to someone, but if you do, even the basic knowledge of First Aid can make all the difference and even save someone’s life.

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