NN1 Personnel Drivers recognised as ‘HGV Heroes’

July 23rd, 2020

We are proud to announce two of our drivers have been named ‘HGV Heroes’ by the RHA. We think of all HGV drivers as road heroes. However, having two of them recognised by the RHA is a well-deserved achievement and an inspiration to others.

Stuart Ashby and Roman Kempny, the unsung ‘HGV Heroes’

‘HGV Heroes’ is about recognising unsung heroes who’ve kept the UK going. The campaign was launch by The RHA on 18th June 2020. It recognises the transport industry’s workers and the job they do, 24/7/365.

Not only have Stuart and Roman been recognised for their talent but also for amazing personalities, being an inspiration to other fellow drivers, and their professional attitude.

Why Stuart is our hero?

Stuart has been working as an HGV Driver for almost 4 years at NN1 Personnel. He is one of our most experienced drivers.

Stuart is an excellent role model to other drivers; he always wants to pass his knowledge on to less experienced drivers. This could be based on past experiences, geographical knowledge, or keeping everyone updated on new rules and regulations as he is always educating himself.

Many HGV Drivers suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Stuarts’ weight loss was a true inspiration to his colleagues. It motivated many of our drivers to follow his steps and to start looking after themselves. We truly believe Stuart sets an example for other HGV Drivers to follow and is worthy of the HGV Driver of the Year award.

Stuart is also very proud to work for us, at NN1 Personnel. He recently designed and printed his own NN1 Personnel Hi-Vis vest:

Here at NN1 Personnel, we are very proud to have such a professional driver on our team.
It’s great to see someone as passionate, helpful, and experienced as Stuart receive the honour of being named HGV Hero. What a guy!

Visit the HGV Heroes website to see Stuart’s recognition.

Why is Roman our Hero?

Roman’s attitude and flexibility have made all the difference, his clients praise him for his politeness and “can do” attitude.

Roman gets the job done and never moans about it. H is a fantastic example of what a professional driver should be.

Roman has proven he is reliable and can always be called upon in the middle of the night and he will always help.

Who wouldn’t like to have a driver like Roman working for them? NN1 Personnel can honestly say Roman has been a great help in building our brand and success. What a hero!

To see Roman’s recognition visit the HGV Heroes website.

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