Why go for a small independent recruitment agency?

November 27th, 2017

The desire to work with a big or large firm in all areas of human endeavour is a good dream to nurture. It is considered a sign of growth, expansion or even advancement. It is only disheartening when this dream becomes short-lived because of the organizational errors that come with big names, that make their clients endure some setbacks because they have the name.

Independent recruitment agencies are not exempted from this occurrence. In fact, they are at the forefront when it comes to engaging human power or resources to fill up logistics wherever it is needed. It then becomes a sad tale when outsourcing which is supposed to be relieving because it is fast and delegated, gets to be delayed, become complex due to organizational structure and most disappointing, becomes egotistic due to organizational-pride that comes with big names.

All these happenstances then make one think of a way out which is where small independent recruitment agencies come in to play a vital role. Meanwhile, one may be looking for reasons to contract recruitment needs to small independent recruitment agencies, here are some to aid your convictions and stop regretting contracting jobs to big corporate recruitment agencies:

• Decision Making: The communication link in a small independent recruitment agency is a very close one. It makes decision making to fall into a compact process. Due to the number of hands that are the major members of the team, they are always minimal; talking of 3-7 people as members of a decision-making team. Small independent recruitment agencies are always ready to make things happen because they see all of their little or big achievements as products of proximity in communication and reflection of each individual’s input in the team. Other than larger ones that dwell in protocols and chains to get even little things done.

• Personal Service: The kind of feeling that comes with you going to see a family doctor, when he or she attends to you like your family is the only thing he cares about as a professional; such is what you experience with small independent recruitment agencies. They offer personal services in such a way that you feel at home and in safe hands whenever you need either logistics or recruitments to be done. Their proximity does not end with internal communication; it extends to the services they offer. They care about each of their clients like they are the only ones they serve.

• Support for Local Business: The human ecosystem gets to move on due to the subsystems that are available at every point. So is the business ecosystem, it is the existence of local businesses that offer immediate services that make up the whole business cycle. As such, small independent recruitment agencies are mostly for local businesses. They work hand-in-hand to make sure local businesses are well represented, effective and productive.

• Transparency: The bulk of complexities that come with big independent recruitment agencies makes one doubt transparency in the services they offer. Unlike small ones that interact with businesses as close as it could be, this builds confidence in their clients.

The secret to getting your outsourced activities done timely and effectively lies in capable hands of small independent recruitment agencies such as NN1 Personnel that comes with no regrets or hassle, and it is your way of getting bigger achievements with small hands.<

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