Northamptonshire Logistics Awards are back!

June 20th, 2023

The Northamptonshire Logistics Awards are back in 2023! This prestigious event recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions of businesses and individuals in the logistics industry within the Northamptonshire region. This highly anticipated ceremony is taking place on October 13th, 2023 and promises to be a night of celebration, networking, and honouring the best in the field.

The Launch Event

On Friday 9th June 2023, The Northamptonshire Logistics Forum celebrated the launch of the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards at the John Lewis site at Grange Park. The launch event hosted many guest speakers, previous winners, sponsors and other professionals from the local logistics sector.

NN1 Personnel, Justyna and Damian Sodel had the pleasure to take part in the launch event.  They had a fantastic time at the Northamptonshire Logistics Forum meeting, learning from inspiring people and their insightful presentations. Also, they shared their stories and experience as previous Logistics awards winners.

The Awards Night

This year, again, the awards will take place at The Park Inn Northampton on 13th October 2023.

The nominations are now open. You can enter or nominate on website.

This year the award categories are:

  1. Logistics Person of the Year.
  2. Apprentice of the Year
  3. Diversity & Inclusion Award
  4. Environmental & Sustainability Award
  5. Team of the Year
  6. Big Logistics Company of the Year
  7. Small Logistics Company Of The Year
  8. HGV Driver of the Year
  9. Unsung Hero of the Year
  10. Health, Safety & Wellbeing Award
  11. Logistics Temporary Staff Agency of the Year
  12. Community Engagement Initiative of the Year
  13. Chairman’s Special Award

The Importance of the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards

The Northamptonshire Logistics Awards play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, recognizing talent, and driving innovation within the logistics industry. This event provides a platform for companies, individuals, and organizations to showcase their achievements and share best practices. By participating in the awards, we contribute to the growth and development of the logistics sector in Northamptonshire. We also believe we inspire others to strive for excellence. As a regular participant, our company has experienced the thrill of victory, sponsored an award, and celebrated exceptional achievements within the sector.

NN1 Personnel Participation

For several years now, NN1 Personnel has actively participated in the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards. Each time we have been embracing the opportunity to showcase our achievements and connect with industry leaders. Not only does this event provides a platform for us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence in logistics but also highlights our contributions to the field.

In recognition of the importance of supporting the logistics community, NN1 Personnel has had the privilege of sponsoring an award in past events. This sponsorship allowed us to give back to the industry that has played a crucial role in our success. By acknowledging the achievements of others and presenting an award, we demonstrated our commitment to fostering excellence and innovation within the logistics sector.

Throughout our participation in the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards, we have been fortunate enough to claim victory on three separate occasions. We won in the Logistics Temporary Staff Agency of the Year category in 2017, 2019 and 2021. These wins serve as a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional logistics services. Additionally, they prove our ability to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. It is an honour to be recognized by our associates and industry experts, further strengthening our reputation as leaders in the field.

” Winning the Northamptonshire logistics award was a huge accomplishment and a milestone for NN1 Personnel.  It made us proud of our team and the hard work we all put in. This recognition boosted our reputation and recognised us as a trusted partner in the logistics industry.  Winning the award opens up new opportunities to grow and work with new clients – I would encourage you to enter the awards and look forward to seeing you all on 13th October ” – says Justyna Sodel, the founder of NN1 Personnel.

Looking forward to October 13th, 2023

With the upcoming Northamptonshire Logistics Awards just around the corner, we are eagerly looking forward to the event. As we reflect on our past successes, we are reminded of the dedication and hard work that have brought us to this point. This year’s awards ceremony promises to be an exciting and unforgettable occasion. We will have the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our peers, network with industry professionals, and showcase our own accomplishments.

We look forward to this year’s awards ceremony, where we will join our colleagues in recognizing their exceptional contributions to logistics and continue to inspire others to strive for excellence.

See you all there.

Tickets will be available soon on the Northamptonshire Logistics awards website.

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