NN1 sponsoring one of the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards.

February 27th, 2020
Northamptonshire Logistics Awards

We have been fortunate enough to win at the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards twice before. As a result, our profile and visibility online increased as well as interest from potential clients.

We know first-hand what winning an award like this means to a business. So we wanted to support the Northamptonshire Logistics Forum and the award organisers by sponsoring this year’s award.

We chose to sponsor the SME Company of the Year – Below 50 Employees category. Not only do we work with small to medium-sized companies (SMEs), but also we are one of them ourselves. We recognise the challenges that come with running an SME and how important it is to recognise and celebrate our achievements.

Many of the transport and logistics businesses in this category will be competing with the ‘big boys’ with less budget and resources. This makes their achievements even more impressive. While there are a lot of challenges that SMEs face, especially family-run businesses like ours, working for and with SMEs in this industry brings many benefits too. That includes flexibility, agility, and a more personal approach.

Here is a little insight into our business and this year’s sponsorship:

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