NN1 Drivers’ Meeting

February 7th, 2020

On 1st February we held an annual Drivers Meeting at Park Inn Hotel in Northampton.

NN1 personnel Drivers Meeting

As a driver recruitment agency, we think it’s important to hold a meeting like this for our drivers. Not only do we update them on the latest law changes, regulations, and news but also give them heads up of how the business is going and what they can expect from the months/year ahead. It also gives the drivers a chance to ask any questions and raise any concerns as well.

This is exactly what our drivers’ meeting was about. We made sure it was brief but packed with useful information. We also raised awareness among our drivers about the importance of monitoring their blood pressure. Checking it on a regular basis will help with keeping track of any variations allowing you to act if something seems abnormal.

Unfortunately, not many drivers monitor their blood pressure and keep living an unhealthy lifestyle, which may occur in losing their job or even life. Sadly last year one of our drivers lost his life due to high blood pressure, hence we made sure our drivers were aware of the issue and had their blood pressure checked at the meeting.

We were very pleased to see so many of our drivers turn up on the day.

To make it enjoyable we also introduced drivers’ awards. The 2 categories we chose for the awards were:

After the meeting, we all enjoyed homemade cakes and drinks. We celebrated meeting up together as well as the 5th Anniversary of NN1 Personnel. Drinks were on us as a Thank You to our drivers for helping us reach 5 years in business.

Thank you to all our drivers – without you, we wouldn’t be able to grow.

To those who attended the meeting, we hope you enjoyed the presentation, as well as the cakes and drinks!

Browse through our gallery of photographs from the drivers’ meeting.

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