National Lorry Week 2020 – what it means to us.

October 20th, 2020

What is National Lorry Week?

Every year, the Road Haulage Association celebrates the vital role of transport – the UK’s fifth largest industry. This year the National Lorry Week will be the UK’s 6th annual event hosted by RHA. It will run from 16 to 22 November 2020.

This event makes a great opportunity to celebrate the vital role of the haulage industry in our everyday lives. It is also a fantastic way to promote employment within the industry, as 98% of our essential consumer goods are transported by road.

Lymm Truckwash will celebrate the haulage industry in partnership with the RHA. On 19th November they will hold an open day from 9am-3pm to celebrate the industry’s ‘HGV Heroes’. A range of companies will be on-site to offer free industry advice and each driver will receive a goodie bag. Scania will also be on-site with its hospitality truck to serve free refreshments.

The RHA will also be live streaming the event on social media, with exclusive interviews and industry tips from the companies attending.

What’s the focus this year?

This year, National Lorry Week will focus on career opportunities within the logistics sector. It will showcase a variety of job opportunities and career paths in logistics. It will also celebrate the hard-working businesses and individuals.

The pandemic has definitely highlighted the importance of the transport industry, and its workers, hence such a big jump in job opportunities, including huge demand for HGV and delivery drivers.

What is our role in the industry?

NN1 Personnel is a specialist in driver recruitment and supply. We provide professional and experienced HGV drivers to our clients in Northamptonshire. We entered the industry in 2015. After working in transport for several years where we had been let down by temporary staff recruitment agencies we thought there must be a better way. So we set about creating a company that believes in transparency and building a long-lasting, successful relationship with our clients and the staff we supply.

We take big pride in supporting the transport industry. Supplying HGV drivers to our clients throughout Northamptonshire is a big task and responsibility. We have high expectations when it comes to our drivers. We treat them with respect and support them. In return, we get their commitment and loyalty. We believe trust and honesty are important in recruitment and are key to a successful business. relationship.

What #NLW means to us?

The national Lorry Week is a great chance to shout out to the industry heroes and their hard work. NN1 Personnel has been showing support to HGV drivers since the beginning of the NN1 Personnel. We have been encouraging them to take the new path in their career in our blogs, showing why Northamptonshire is a great place for job opportunities in transport, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We are proud to say 2 of our drivers have been already named “HGV Heroes” by the RHA – Stuart Ashby and Roman Kempny. Having two of them recognised by the RHA is a well-deserved achievement and an inspiration to others.

To show the support for the industry and its heroes we have also launched a Referral Scheme for our drivers. It runs from October till the end of the year. We are always on the lookout for quality drivers. So we hope that the referral scheme will encourage some more talent into the industry.

There are a variety of job opportunities available on our website for Class 1 and Class 2 drivers throughout Northamptonshire. We will be promoting more employment opportunities over the next few weeks. Also, we will be encouraging and supporting the new talent to the haulage industry as well as supporting and praising our HGV Heroes.

How can you get involved?

Why not join in supporting this important campaign? You can download the FREE National Lorry Week social media pack here (scroll to the bottom of the page). The RHA also encourages supporters to Get involved on social media by using the hashtag #NationalLorryWeek.

Get involved with National Lorry Week on social media by using the hashtag #NationalLorryWeek

Also, the RHA encourages everyone to #ShineALight for the logistics industry on Thursday 19th November at 8 pm. Light up your building and stand at your doorstep with a torch to show support for the truckers, delivery drivers, warehouse staff, fitters, admin.

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