HGV Driver Appreciation Month

May 21st, 2019

Celebrating everything they do for us, HGV Driver Appreciation Month is all about raising awareness and shining a light on a vital part of the UK economy. Britain’s army of heavy goods vehicle drivers make a huge contribution to the world we live in and are the unsung heroes of the commercial world.

According to the Road Haulage Association:“89% of all goods transported by land in Great Britain are moved by road and 98% of the food and consumer products are transported by road freight.”

The job of a HGV driver is largely underrated when people are considering a future career path. The industry is always looking for qualified drivers.

Here, at NN1 Personnel, we feel drivers often don’t get the respect they deserve. HGV Drivers are an important part of the logistics supply chain.  Without them, you wouldn’t have products in the shops or food on supermarket shelves.

According to Department of Transport statistics for 2017:

The next time you see a HGV on the road, give a thought to the driver behind the wheel who is helping keep businesses thriving in the UK, often travelling hundreds of miles in all sorts of conditions to deliver the essential goods we all love.

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