6 Things You Should Know About Driving In Hot Weather


It’s been the longest heatwave since 1976 and while some are enjoying the sunshine, it’s been a challenge for others, especially for those on the road that are driving in hot weather.

Most of the trucks are equipped with aircon to keep you cool and comfortable. But that’s not enough. We listed a few tips and ideas below on how to stay cool and focused while on the road.  There are also some rules you have to follow as a commercial driver.

 1. Get truck mini fridge

Great option to keep your water cool and food fresh in this heat. Gell filled ice packs and isolated lunch box will help you keep your food fresh and avoid food poisoning.

2. Wear the right clothing

Although you might feel like wearing shorts and flipflops remember that HGV Drivers need to look professional – long dark trousers, a dark top, and safety boots are the most appropriate. Don’t risk being sent home without pay for not wearing the right uniform.

3.  Use suncream

You might think you are unlikely to get burnt on your right side with the windows closed.

Glass blocks UVB rays, which cause sunburn. However, unless coated or tinted, glass doesn’t block UVA rays that penetrate deeper and can cause skin damage and skin cancer.

4. Use truck windscreen shaders 

Put it up every time you exit your truck for more than a few minutes. Remember windscreen shaders should not block your view while driving. For most up to date advice on windscreen obscuration visit this government website.

5. Get truckers seat cooling cushion

Cooling cushion will increase air circulation to keep your bottom cool and reduce seat sweating. It might be ideal for driving in h9t weather. Also, try to park your truck in the shade – it sounds obvious but the temperature in the cab can rise very quickly.

6. Watch out for driver’s heat exhaustion symptoms

Headaches, nausea, increased sweating, cool clammy skin – if you spot any of these symptoms stop and cool down. Use frozen water and put it behind your neck.  Wet your hair as the air rushing over it will cool you down. Seek medical help if needed.

Looks like the heatwave will continue for the next few weeks with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees Celcius.


More advice on driving at night and drivers wellbeing can be found on our website www.nn1personnel.co.uk/category/news/


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