6 tips on looking after yourself during the COVID-19 outbreak.

April 27th, 2020

5 weeks into lockdown and it is still not clear if the strict measures will be lifted any soon. One thing for sure – the social distancing, travel restrictions, business closures, and other rules have helped to limit the spread of the virus. While we cannot control what other people do, there are things we can do to protect ourselves. Washing your hands is still the main rule and key in protecting yourself from getting the Covid-19. What else can you do to look after yourself and help stop spreading the coronavirus?

Here are a few tips:

Hand Washing

It might seem obvious but it’s worth reminding. So wash your hands thoroughly at regular intervals throughout the day.

No access to running water – use soap and bottled water. Try and always have a hand sanitizers with you. If you can get a hand sanitiser with a minimum of 60% alcohol content please use it however we realise they can be difficult to get.

When possible use gloves, e.g. when using fuel pumps.

Client sites

When visiting other sites follow their health and safety rules. Most sites will have specific rules for the Coronavirus outbreak, especially when it comes to social distancing. Some clients might ask you to complete a health questionnaire or check your temperature. Please do not get offended as these precautions are for everyone’s safety.

If hand sanitizer is available on site, please make use of it.

Keep the distance. Even if others don’t follow the rule. Protect yourself!

In your cab

Wherever possible avoid communal rest areas and stay in your cab. If possible, arrive as close to your booking time if you have one so your time on site is limited to the minimum.

Try and use antibacterial wipes to clean your cabin several times during your shift – before you start, and after you finish. Clean your fuel card, radio button, tachograph button, door handles, steering wheel, gear lever, and handbrake control. Make sure you also wipe your mobile phone and your keys!


Catch coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues and wash your hands after. This will help to stop the spread. If you don’t have a tissue, use your sleeve.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, especially with unwashed hands.

Keeping healthy

You might feel tempted to eat unhealthily and drink more than usual to comfort yourself, but be careful. Promoting healthy behaviours like getting enough sleep, eating healthy, keeping active, not only will it protect you from coronavirus physically but also mentally.

Why not read the guidance for the public on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of Coronavirus here: https://bit.ly/3bG1wRu

We would also like to encourage you to check this easy-read guide to looking after your feelings and your body by Public Health England here: https://bit.ly/3eUGiBk

Staying away from the news

You might want to do a digital detox. Limiting social media and staying away from the news will help you get away from anxiety and stress, which might affect your immune system.

If you get any symptoms please contact 111 and if you are feeling unwell and unable to come to work please let us know asap too.

THANK YOU for understanding and also a BIG THANK YOU for your continuous support and for keeping the country running in these difficult times!

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