5 tips for effective recruitment

March 10th, 2021

Recruitment is a process of attracting the right individuals with relevant qualifications to apply for a job within your business. However, qualifications make 50% of a successful candidate. The other 50% is their attitude.

Successful recruitment is about two things:

  1. Taking on a person with skills and qualifications that suit your business.
  2. Taking on a person with qualities and an attitude that will go along with your business vision.

Here are our top tips for effective recruitment

1.Don’t compromise on your standards.

“Excellence comes when we balance quality with quantity.”
― Amit Ray

Are you recruiting for quality or quantity?

Recruitment is a complicated process. The number of applications does not always matter. Do 100 leads mean your recruitment process is being successful? Not necessarily. It might turn out that none of those leads is suitable for the job. Half of them probably haven’t even read the job description, and the rest don’t have the qualifications or the attitude you are after.

Quantity might be good for short term success. However, quality candidates will definitely win in the long run contributing to your company success and low team turnover. It all comes down to your clients’ needs. Find the balance but don’t compromise quality over quantity.

2. Create an accurate job advert

Be engaging and direct.

Your job advert should draw attention but do not let it distract your potential recruit from the actual skills you are after. Be clear about your expectations and requirements. Stand out by including something extra for your potential recruit. Make sure you keep it short clear and simple.

Best job advert example ever: Shackleton’s Ad – Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey.

This job advertisement from the early 1900s is said to be one of the most famous in history.  It’s short, simple and direct. People knew what they were applying for as it attracted the right candidates.

Be fun, be daring, but most of all be accurate.

Job Description – is another story. It doesn’t have to be 2 pages long but should include all the skills you are after, as well as everything that you offer to the right candidate. They will like to know what’s in it for them. Introduce briefly your business, and highlight your company values and culture.

What makes you unique? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

3. ‘Face’ the applicants.

Over the last 12 months, the way businesses deal with interviews has changed dramatically. Due to the pandemic, the Government introduced social distancing measures, regional differences and lockdowns have made it difficult to plan and carry out traditional face-to-face interviews. Many Recruiters turned to on-line zooms and other video interviews while some have adapted their work environment to a Covid-19 safe zone.

Whichever way you have adapted to, we think it is very important to see your applicants face-to-face. On-line forms, CVs, covering letters are good but not enough. Why?

Simply, face-to-face interviews give a more accurate idea of the applicant when it comes to their verbal and non-verbal cues. Their body language, emotions and behaviour might give you a better clue if the candidate would be a good fit for the position.

4. Keep a database of your candidates

Have a functional, well-organised and GDPR compliant database of all your candidates for future references. It could be the basis for effective recruitment in the future. Whether you are a recruiter or a business having a good database might help you save time and money. Very often companies look for candidates with specific skills, so over time, you can have most of the potential candidates in your database.

5. Communicate!

Good communication can be the basis for effective recruitment and future cooperation.

Louise Findlay-Wilson, managing director of Energy PR, which conducted the latest Brand Love research said: “Without communications, you will struggle to demonstrate your values or become part of someone’s life and identity. Communications are an effective way to show customers you ‘get them’, you care and to make them feel good”.

Not only good communication during the recruitment process helps you choose the best candidate but also builds trust and gives a positive experience good first impression to both the recruiter and candidate.

The communication starts with posting a job offer, thanking everyone for taking the time to apply, inviting for an interview, meeting face-to-face, and feedback. Make sure you are open and honest and don’t sugarcoat.

How we recruit at NN1 Personnel

As a recruitment agency, we know the challenges of meeting the expectations of both clients and drivers. On top of that, there are extra restrictions and requirements due to the pandemic, not to mention the driver’s shortage.

Nevertheless, we always strive to practice what we preach and deliver the best possible recruitment experience for our candidates. We also strive to recruit quality drivers with the skills and attitude that suits each of our clients.

At NN1 we like to meet our candidates face-to-face. Meeting them in person helps to determine their attitude and other verbal and non-verbal cues which can not be detected on-line.

We also believe good communication, trust and honesty are key in a successful business relationship. We have high expectations when it comes to our drivers and treat everyone with respect.

Your alternative to recruitment

Are you looking for quality drivers?

The alternative is to let us take care of finding you the right candidates for the job. We are an award-winning recruitment agency and have been told by our clients that we are the best at what we do.

Get in touch with us today and see how we can help

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