5 reasons to attend Northampton Transport Conference 2020

January 21st, 2020

In just under 3 weeks time NN1 Personnel will be hosting their 2nd Northampton Transport Conference: Learn, Network, Grow. Due to the high demand, this event will be bigger and better. This is why we encourage all transport industry professionals from around Northamptonshire to attend.

There are few reasons why Northampton Transport Conference 2020 is worth taking part in:

1. Morning Getaway

It’s always good to take a little break from the desk, office or daily routine and change the environment you are usually in. The event will be held at Hilton Northampton, a luxurious hotel with a beautiful courtyard. A light breakfast and hot beverages will be provided making sure all the attendees are looked after during the conference.

2. Knowledge

What better way to gain expert knowledge than from leaders and experts in the logistics field, gathered all in one room! The Northampton Transport Conference gives access to invaluable information from expert speakers, the latest logistics industry news, law updates, and statistics. Listening and speaking to expert speakers give a better understanding and deeper insights into the transport industry in the area, consumer needs, driver needs and some solutions to the problems. It’s a chance to gather their advice and inspiration and enhance professional as well as personal development by each attendant.

Our expert speakers on the day include:

The main topics on the day will include operator licensing and compliance advice, employment law update, as well as driver shortage and Brexit and recession talks. There will also be a short presentation about employees’ mental health.

3. Undercover HGV visit

Apart from expert speakers, we managed to secure a visit of an undercover lorry. This one out of 3 specially-adapted HGV ‘supercabs’, funded by Highway England, was used by officers to observe drivers behaviours in all vehicles and deal with any ofences in Operation Tramline. At the conference, there will be a presentation by PC Lee from Northants Safer Road Team as well as a chance to see the undercover lorry for all the attendees. Another great reason to come to our conference!

4. Networking

According to LinkedIn reports, 80% of professionals consider networking to be important to career success. We believe face-to-face meetings are as important and even more powerful than an online presence for personal and business growth.  Connecting with likeminded people in the transport field, exchanging ideas and business cards, building connections, forming partnerships and taking advantage of opportunities are just a few benefits of being in one room with all the experts and professionals on the 5th of February. By attending the event you get a chance to discuss and understand deeper the topic of your interest with other like-minded professionals in the logistics industry and even discover a new way to grow your business. 

5. Inspiration

 “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” – Albert Einstein.

There is nothing better than getting inspired and encouraged by expert speakers in your field as well as other business owners and professionals. Discover a fresh perspective for your business, get some new ideas. Imagine and take action.

At the conference, we guarantee a relaxing morning full of information, networking and inspiration, as well as tea, coffee, and a nice breakfast.

You will also get a delegate pack from us with a little treat.

We hope to see you there.


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