22nd January – HGV Drivers Day

January 22nd, 2020

Today, 22nd January we celebrate #HGVdriversDay.

NN1 personnel came up with an idea to spread awareness about professional drivers. They mean so much to the economy in this country and beyond! So we set up an HGV Driver’s Day on 22nd January.

Please help us spread the word, and raise awareness of all the HGV drivers spending their days and nights on the road delivering goods.

Celebrating everything they do for us, #HGVDriverDay is all about raising awareness and shining a light on a vital part of the UK economy. Britain’s army of heavy goods vehicle drivers make a huge contribution to the world we live in and are the unsung heroes of the commercial world and we need to shout out about it!

Without #HGVDrivers, you wouldn’t have products in the shops or food on supermarket shelves. The job of a hashtag#HGVdriver is largely underrated when people are considering a future career path and we need to appreciate these hard-working individuals more. The next time you see a HGV on the road, give a thought to the driver behind the wheel who is helping keep businesses thriving in the UK, often travelling hundreds of miles in all sorts of conditions to deliver the essential goods we all love. #hgvdriversday We would like to say thank you to them, for sacrificing their time away from home and family. Thank you for working long hours on the roads to make our lives better.

We think showing them more respect and appreciation might make their job feel a bit more rewarding and more enjoyable. Such an attitude towards the HGV drivers might also encourage more to join the industry as professional drivers, so very much needed these days!

Help us spread the word and show appreciation to HGV drivers.
Share your stories, shout out to your driver(s). Make sure you use the #hgvdriversday hashtag on social media.

And happy HGV Drivers Day!

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