10 Best Gift Ideas For Professional Drivers

December 13th, 2019

Christmas approaching very fast, and you are still thinking of what to get the professional driver in your life? Look no further. We made a list of 10 best Christmas gift ideas for any drivers. They are practical, useful, helpful, some to keep them safe on the road, and a few to make them smile and relax as well. 

We understand that driving-related gifts might not always be the best gifts for a driver, so we covered that as well.

You still have a few days left till Christmas so if you haven’t got your presents sorted out yet, these might inspire you.

1. Adventure gifts.

We bet on some adrenaline. Get him moving with Bear Grylls experience. Get him excited about driving with Supercar driving experience, off-road, maybe a flying lesson, balloon flight, skydiving, or paintballing?

We guarantee those will relax and energise him, as well as give him lots of fun and great memories.

Here are the top 3 websites we think can give you lots of ideas:

2. Skincare set

Give a gift of great skin this Christmas. Every man wants to look good. Why not help him look after his skin, and even slow the aging process. Just an idea.

3. Clothing – t-shirts

Sounds obvious, but we think it’s a great gift – Affordable and useful. It might be a gift more for casual wear, and not for work due to workwear restrictions. Still, Perfect gift especially if the driver you buy for has a good sense of humour. If you look on Amazon or eBay there are lots of t-shirts available with funny slogans, and some you can personalise as well.

4. Electric Blanket.

Is your driver staying away sometimes, sleeping in their cab? It’s winter, and the cab can get very cold so an electric blanket could be a huge help to keep the driver nice and warm. Make sure you get one with a long cord so the driver doesn’t struggle to plug it into an outlet.

5. Truck Electric Lunch Box,

It’s basically a Food warmer for HGV driver. The heating lunch box is suitable for the driver who has to drive on the road for a long time daily and still enjoy a hot (healthy) food cooked at home. It’s really a perfect gift idea for a professional driver.

6. Dashcam.

Who doesn’t like gadgets? This one would make a perfect and sensible gift. Every driver will appreciate a good dashcam. It could be a lifesaver as you could get one with cool safety features. If the driver you are getting the dashcam for is a tech gig, they will love a dashcam packed with lots of different features.

7. Stopsleep – anti sleep alarm.

Another useful device, to be worn as a ring while driving. Perfect for those spending long hours behind the wheel, especially at night. It will alert at first signs of a drop of awareness. It will alert the driver as soon as it notices that he is starting to lose his concentration meaning time for a coffee or a little break. We think it’s a great little gadget.

8. Handpresso – fresh hot coffee on the go.

Coffee machine for professional drivers to make coffees on board.  Yes, another gadget, but what driver wouldn’t appreciate a hot fresh coffee whenever and wherever he/she likes? Small, handy, just plug it in and enjoy. Fab gift idea.

9. Tyre Thermo Mug

Cannot afford handpresso – how about a Tyre Thermal Mug? Perfect novelty Christmas gift for a driver, awesome design.

10. Healthy Food Subscription.

With their busy lifestyle on the go, ready meals based on fresh and healthy ingredients delivered daily seem perfect. No time for cooking? Care about their health? Want to help the driver stay in shape while on the road? This subscription got it covered.

There are lots of websites with dietary catering, but this one caught our attention: Eat Fit Catering.

We hope you like our gift ideas and we are confident that whoever gets any of the above will be more than just pleased. Let us know which gift would you like to get yourself or maybe you have other unique ideas

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